Barbadians refer to themselves informally as Bajans. Bajan culture evolved from historical roots dominated by West African origins the majority population mixed in with Irish, Scottish and English influences. English is our official language, but the Bajan dialect in which it is spoken is the most noticeable feature of Bajan culture.

Over the past six decades Barbados has grown from a low income economy dependent on agricultural sugar production, into a middle income economy based on tourism and offshore financial services. The per capita GDP is higher than in Poland, but not as high as in Portugal. Despite improvements in quality of life, the island still has high unemployment rates and persistent pockets of poverty.

Barbados is a relatively prosperous middle income country, so visitors will find it easy to adapt to living here.

The settlement of the island dates back to about 1630 BC according to radiocarbon dating of tools made by early inhabitants from conch seashell fragments. Indigenous Kalinago people called the island Ichiroganaim, which meant “red land with white teeth” in apparent reference to the waves breaking on the hazardous reefs which fringe the coastline.

Whether as a participant or spectator, Barbados offers a wide range of sports and recreational activities to keep you entertained during your time here. From intense competition to idle pastime, there are many opportunities to either take part in a sport in which you are already a top player or to learn something new as a raw beginner.

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