Barbados Welcome Stamp

The 12-Month Barbados Welcome Stamp is a visa for non-Barbadians who are employed in a country other than Barbados and who are tax-resident and employed by a company registered and operating outside of Barbados (not carrying on business in or from Barbados). The Barbados Government will revoke the visa if you work for a company in Barbados or otherwise fail to comply with the provisions of the visa.

You can apply for the Welcome Stamp at this website. The online application process is fast and efficient. Your application will begin to be processed within 2 days of receipt, and visa eligibility will be confirmed or denied within 5 working days. Upon approval, non-refundable fees of US$2,000 for individuals and US$3,000 for families will be charged and full payment is required within 28 days. As an individual you can submit multiple applications for multiple workers in your company.

In order to apply for the 12 Month Barbados Welcome Stamp you need to complete and submit the following electronically:

  • Two passport size photographs,
  • A scan of the bio data page of your passport,
  • Scans of your birth certificate (and those of your spouse/partner/children),
  • Your income declaration certifying that you expect to earn an income of US$50,000/year or more.

You must arrive in Barbados within 12 months of the date your Welcome Stamp is approved, and it is valid from the date of your arrival in Barbados for 12 months. You can travel in and out of Barbados any time during that period.

You can apply for the Welcome Stamp from Barbados if you are already here as a visitor, and you can renew it if you wish to stay longer than 12 months.

While you are in Barbados you will still be paying your income tax in your country of residence and you will not be paying income tax in Barbados.

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