Our Mission

More Than Relocation Consultants

Yes, we provide expert relocation consulting and concierge services for people who can work at their jobs remotely, and who wish to live in sunny, friendly Barbados. We are a two sided online marketplace that connects you to experts who will make your whole experience smooth and rewarding. We guide you through every step of the process: housing, vehicles, child care, schools, health insurance... whatever you need… but we are much, much more.

The Remote Work Barbados Mission

The mission of Remote Work Barbados is to transform Barbados into a fully internet-enabled country with a strong workforce of skilled remote workers as well as a dynamic ecosystem of expat remote workers. We intend to co-create a resilient and innovative economy where citizens and visitors work at jobs around the globe; and they build global businesses; and they do all this while in Barbados. We do this by:

  1. Growing the number of people who move to Barbados to live and work remotely,
  2. Supporting their transition to Barbados by connecting them to expert service providers who make the whole experience smooth and rewarding,
  3. Helping to develop a strong local remote work culture, and
  4. Creating innovative partnerships to engage with the local workforce.

Vision: By achieving our mission, Barbados will have an entirely new economic sector that will enable us to grow beyond our reliance on a fragile and ecologically unsustainable tourism industry. This will also accelerate development of our local services sector and will empower Barbadian businesses, many of them in the informal sector, to use up-to-date information and transaction processing technologies in providing goods and services. Barbadians will have more options for employment and will experience greater economic security.

We’ve Got a Couple of Problems

The COVID-19 crisis has devastating implications for Barbados— particularly because we were a tourism-dependent economy. The policy brief from the Inter-American Development Bank, Extreme Outlier: The Pandemic’s Unprecedented Shock to Tourism in Latin America and the Caribbean, predicts that our entire economy will suffer an “unprecedented shock” because tourism provided, directly and indirectly, 39% of our GDP and 39% of our employment. The collapse of the Barbados tourism sector will lead to a reduction of export earnings of between 16% and 25% and a slump in GDP of between 6% and 9%.

The tourism industry slump is not the only structural economic challenge we face. In each generation for over a hundred years, so many Barbadians emigrated in search of better opportunities than they could find here that it has compromised our ability to develop a prosperous society. This brain drain has been of great benefit to the societies to which they emigrated, but it is time now to turn that flow around, so we are recruiting the children and grandchildren of Barbadians who emigrated.

You are Part of the Solution

We are also recruiting people like you who can work remotely because you are on the cutting edge of the biggest revolution in economic organization since the rise of the limited liability company as a vehicle for organizing people into productive groups. You are also all knowledge workers, many of you in the fields that are going to be the most important of the 21st century. This is the knowledge that Bajan society needs to assimilate, and you are one of our strategies for doing so.

We know that there are risks involved in inviting people to work remotely from Barbados. Not only have we looked at places with long experience with digital nomads, we also have our own experiences with the social dislocation of high-end tourism in a developing society. Many Barbadians are wary and cautious about this new direction because the change is happening so quickly in a society that is accustomed to a slower pace of evolution.

This is why we are putting a lot of emphasis on community building and social integration so that the remote working community does not end up isolated and alienated from other communities around them in Barbados.

Much More Than a Visit

So although the seed for Remote Work Barbados was to build a response to the economic crisis sparked by the global pandemic, our roots go much deeper. We are not simply inviting you to come for a visit, we are looking for much more. We are looking for friends and neighbors; we are looking for people who will share their skills and knowledge with young Bajans; we are inviting you to join in our national development and help build our little paradise into a phenomenally prosperous little paradise. We want you to help us to transform Barbados into a fully internet enabled country.

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